HENRY KOERNER - Parliamentarian

  Henry Koerner
Big Foot FFA Chapter


What influenced you to join FFA?

My eagerness to be a part of something that I had very little knowledge of was the most contributing factor for me joining FFA. When I walked into my first agriculture class on my very first day of high school, the cows in the room next door, the posters on the wall, and the trophies scattered across the room caught my eye. I joined that very day. My passion for competing, making connections with many different people, and my dedication to trying new things is what influenced me most to join our organization and have also been what keeps me the most excited in my FFA journey.

What inspired you to serve as a State Officer?

As we all travel our long and winding roads we call our FFA careers, we continue to meet many different people from all over. Making friends with members of the chapter one town over, connecting with state leaders in government and agriculture organizations through conferences and other trips, and even sitting next to someone from Alaska at the National FFA Convention are all examples of how we have met people from all over. There are more backgrounds, ideas, and individual personalities than anyone can count in this organization and I am lucky to be one of the nearly 950,000 FFA members our great organization has. This is what has inspired me to serve as a State Officer, being able to connect with all types of individuals and make lasting connections for the betterment of leadership and agriculture. I know that serving as a leader for Wisconsin FFA, I can help all of us connect with others from all walks of life and make our organization the best it can be.

What are your favorite FFA experiences?

My first ever FFA experience was attending the F.I.R.E Conference my freshman year of high school. I remember walking in shyly, not knowing anybody or what to expect. However, that first conference was just the beginning of my FFA and leadership career. It started me on the path of being more involved in FFA and working to attend as many FFA events and conferences as I could. This was my favorite FFA experience because it remains the backbone of my journey and I am so appreciative of where it has led me.

What are your future plans?

Beginning this year, I will be attending the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to study Agricultural Education. I am very excited to continue my agriculture education journey with hopes of coming back to Wisconsin and teaching ag to the future leaders of the agriculture industry and Wisconsin FFA.

What is something members should know about you?

Over the years, some have called me an old soul with an extremely energetic mind. I enjoy the simpler things in life, using the home printer, playing scrabble, and of course family holidays - Thanksgiving is my favorite. I am always willing to have new conversations about a topic I know nothing about, but am excited to learn. Keep this in mind during our encounters this year!

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