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Agriscience Fair

  Middle and High School (Grades 7-12),
Individual and Team (2 Members)

The Agriscience Fair recognizes students who gain real-world, hands-on experiences in agricultural enterprises. Students use scientific principles and emerging technologies to solve complex problems related to agriculture, food, and natural resources. The participants must conduct a scientific research project pertaining to the agriculture and food science industries and present their findings to a panel of judges with a display and a report.

Agriscience Fair Due Dates      
Registration for Agriscience Fair and Written Report -  due May 10

Agriscience Fair Categories      

Agriscience Fair Categories
Students can compete in the national agriscience fair in one of six categories:

Animal Systems
Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems
Food Products and Processing Systems
Plant Systems
Power, Structural and Technical Systems
Social Science
  Agriscience Fair Divisions 
Students can compete in the national agriscience fair as an individual or with a team:

1 – Individual member in grades 7 and 8
2 – Team of two members in grades 7 and 8
3 – Individual member in grades 9 and 10
4 – Team of two members in grades 9 and 10
5 – Individual member in grades 11 and 12
6 – Team of two members in grades 11 and 12

National FFA Agriscience Fair Manuscript Resource      
Improve your Agriscience Fair Manual Videos  - National FFA Agriscience Fair Education Materials for Report Components - Short Videos


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