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New Teacher & Mentor Resources      
The goal of our new teacher support is to connect our new teachers from all backgrounds with key people, resources and techniques that will retain quality WI ag educators.

FAQs about New Teacher Programming at WAAE Conference      
1. When is the New Teacher Program at the Professional Development Conference?
There is a special pre-conference program for new teachers that happens Sunday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. It is designed for those who are just starting their teaching career, new to teaching agricultural education and/or new to teaching in Wisconsin. You'll also receive new teacher resources and get a first glimpse at what lies ahead in the wonderful career of agricultural education.

2. How can I pay for the conference?
There are several ways to cover the conference registration fees:

If you've been hired, check with your school district to see if funds have been designated for professional conferences or if there are Carl Perkins funds for conferences.

Apply for a Pre-Service/Beginning Teacher Scholarship. There are funds available if you haven't been hired by a district or if your district does not have funds available for you to attend the conference. The scholarship covers the registration fee and meals. Make an investment in yourself with your own funds.

3. How do I apply for the beginning teacher scholarship?
Fill out the online application by June 1. CLICK HERE to apply.

4. What else do I need to know about attending the conference?
Visit the FAQs for attending the Professional Development Conference.

Contact New Teacher and Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs Ryan Seichter, at rseichter@fallriver.k12.wi.us, or Amanda Seichter, at seicam@pasdwi.org. Or contact Kathy Hartmann-Breunig, WAAE Executive Director, at executivedirector@waae.com.


Why Attend the PDC Conference  
New Teachers Attend PDC Benefits


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