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Ag Ed/Natural Resources Team

-To prepare students for careers in the agriculture and natural resources industries
- To support students in their career choices
- To develop leadership skills in students to benefit their community and the food, fiber and natural resource systems.

The Agriculture and Natural Resources Education Team has many active and talented members, significant among them are the agriculture and natural resources instructors in public schools throughout the state who also advise the FFA. Our instructors are supported by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) staff, as well as agricultural leaders throughout Wisconsin.

The Agricultural Education Team is proud to continue the tradition of accomplishment and innovation spanning more than 100 years that has enhanced Wisconsin's agricultural leadership not only statewide but nationally and internationally as well.

The DPI can be reached by mail at: DPI - Career & Technical Education; P.O. Box 7841; Madison, WI 53707-7841. Phone: (608) 267-9255 - Fax (608) 267-9275

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